Local Business Marketing

chasing-the-marketsThe association of Employers and laborers in Baltimore has a primary focus on helping new and local businesses to develop a strong marketing strategy. Building a reputable brand is imperative for developing and growing a new business. Finding the right tools and spending your marketing budget on the right products can be the difference between a successful business and one that fails. We want want all local and new businesses to reach a high level of success. We are deeply rooted in the belief that joint success equals a larger share for everyone. The economics of a strong community of businesses lends to stronger buying power of each person that lives in the community. We can each appreciate the fact that marketing is a large part of making this economic dream a reality. We have a set of marketing experts that are volunteers and can give you information that can save you from making costly mistakes. We also have other individuals that may not be marketing experts but have a long history of purchasing marketing for their own businesses and are open to help emerging businesses.

There are a lot of questions you should ask yourself when developing a marketing strategy. Most people don’t even know where to begin when making the initial decisions. For example, do you know who your primary buyers are? Do you know where your primary buyer goes to find related products? Do you know how your product meets the needs of the primary buyer? All of these questions along with many others need to be answered to before you can start allocating your marketing dollars correctly. Let us serve you in the beginning stages as we make our community here in Baltimore stronger.

market-share-reportSome of our largest contributors are local hospitals and surgical centers. Emergency centers also contribute to our cause along with their associated staff in helping the local businesses. Many of these doctors working in the emergency clinics have earned their certification for ACLS online along with BLS certification and PALS certification. If you need to obtain certain certifications and licenses for your personal business and to perform your business legally many of these businesses and healthcare workers can help you save time and reduce the steps necessary to obtain what you need.

Fortunately you don’t need specific licenses or certifications for advertising. However, there are often specific laws in what and where you can advertise certain material. Knowing and understanding laws associated with marketing is important to avoid fines. While we can’t promise that our volunteers will make you a complete marketing strategy, although sometimes they do help with this, you can expect some basic tips that will help you start along your way.