Social Economics

economicsThere is a branch of economics that explains the relationship between economics and general social behavior. It tells us how ethics of a specific population, their held beliefs and practices affect the economy in which they live.

We here at the Association of Employers and Laborers in Baltimore understand this concept. We look at how held beliefs and ethics in a community has affected their business and try and shape our communication and advice around their existing community. We know that every demographic and population is different and should be evaluated before making executive decisions that could greatly change how a business is run. Often times employers need to be trained on specifics about their community that they may have not known. Understanding a target demographic and how they think is crucial to providing good service and building a positive relationship with cliental.

There is something to be said about listening to the customer. While the customer may not always be right, finding a balance that allows a business owner to provide services and make a reasonable profit is important for every business.

Our services are free since we are a volunteer organization of local community owners. We have a great chance to serve each other and improve the local economics in each individual community. We serve a wide variety of businesses from ice cream vendors to local hospitals. We have aligned ourselves with industry professionals from across the board to help serve each area. For those in the medical industry United Medical Education has been essential in our efforts to making a difference. They teach ACLS, PALS, and BLS online certification courses to healthcare professionals. Besides teaching ACLS, PALS, and BLS online certification they do a wide variety of community projects in collaboration with us.

Business to business solutions is also affected by social economics. Each of us comes from a different background and each business has it’s own set of ethics in their small community. Understanding the deep held beliefs of those in other businesses in your area will make a big difference in providing effective communication. Send us a message and ask us how we can help you in your own personal business. Also, if you have a desire to contribute we would love to hear from you.