Welcome to the home of the Association of Employers and Laborers in Baltimore. We are a proud organization set in the urban district of Baltimore, Maryland that has been created to bring Employers from the area together along with their laborers. Our focus is to build an environment of trust that improves economic conditions and prosperity for everyone in the area. Finding the right balance of employer relations and labor relations is a daunting task for any organization. We want to help both small and large corporations find the tools they need to improve their business communications and relations and increase stability in the work place.  We do our best to motivate businesses and reward them in making these efforts prior to them seeing the results of hard work. We often highlight certain contributors on our website to let people know who in their community is going the extra mile to make a difference. While we never expect to build a utopian society, we still need to work together to reduce avoidable problems in the workplace and in business practice.

Recently we have had the opportunity to explore many of the local businesses and speak with several of the local business owners. We are always optimistic with the potential of our community here in Baltimore, Maryland. Because of the success we’ve seen in the local community we have expanded our efforts into New York City, NY and also Washington, DC. Each location has proven to be a melting pot of ideas and cultures that has presented itself with it’s own challenges. Baltimore, New York, and Washington are just
a few places we hope to influence as we move across the country improving and motivating business relations. On our tour to the west coast we started in Los Angeles, CA and then moved up to the Bay Area. Our final destination was in Seattle, WA where we met with several of the larger employers in the area. We were especially impressed with many of the businesses that worked online and their employee relations.

List of Local Contributors:

United Medical Education

United Medical Education is a provider of online training in ACLS, PALS online courses, and BLS online certification. Their primary objective is helping healthcare professionals learn life saving techniques in the even of a cardiac or respiratory emergency. While ACLS, PALS, and BLS certification is primarily created for healthcare providers, United Medical Education invites everyone to take their courses in an effort to provider a level of healthcare security in their neighborhood. We can never have too many first responders. While ACLS online courses continue to influence our community by saving lives we need to recognize those that not only administer the techniques but also those that teach the courses.